Swing Clamps

Low pressure (1.5~7Mpa)
Double Action


• Swing Clamps - Able to Use Longer Levers
The long guide ratio allows for longer clamping levers by supporting the rod.
The Guide is located between the flange and at the edge of rod.
 Swing Clamps - High Speed and High Endurance with Rotation Mechanism
The resistance created by the swing action is minimized by having the outer in accordance with the steel ball movement.
High endurance is achieved by enlarging rod diameter which decreases torque and by using bigger steel balls and making the lead groove.
 Swing Clamps - Excellent Coolant Resistance
Our exclusive dust seal is designed to protect against high pressure coolant. It also has high durability against chloring-based coolant by using a sealing material with excellent chemical resistance.
 Easy Fabrication of Swing Lever
As taper sleeve is standard accessory, tapering process while manufacturing clamp lever is eliminated.
Supplied lever sleeve incorporates taper simplifying clamping lever design.
Quick change lever option that is available as option is easy to attach and detach the lever with one wrench.