Link Clamps

Low Pressure (0.5~7Mpa)
Double Action
• Link Clamps Compact
Possible to make fixtures plates with smaller thickness & light.
Compact design have a good effect on design for fixture.
• High strength Supporting Point
Link Clamps - The compact body is able to retain similar clamping and holding forces by including a high strength supporting point within the body cylinder.
Its strength is the best in the industry, by way of casting.
• Lever in Three Directions Available
Lever positioning is available in three directions; L: Left, C: Center, R: Right.
As seen from the port side.
 Excellent Coolant Resistance
Our exclusive dust seal is designed to protect against high pressure coolant. It also has high durability against chlorine-based coolant by using a sealing material with excellent chemical resistance.
• A larger Range of Allowable Offset
High Strength link plate option is available for larger tolerance.