Brake Caliper Hydraulic Workholding

Customized Processes:
1. The client provide product's drawings, machine tool details and processing technology.
2. We make a preliminary design for client according to those files.
3. Communicating with client. To get customer acceptance.
4. Discuss with tool supplier and machine tool supplier, to make sure the workholding without interferences.
5. Sign a contract.
6. Detailed design and manufacture.
7. Delivery and provide after-sales service.
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Technical requirement:

When HRT310 is in zero degress, the parallelism of two flats is less than 0.03mm.

When HRT310 rotate 90 CW, the verticality of two flats is less than 0.03mm.

We would keep workholding fixture clean and tidy, don't have the damage on its surface.

Fixture through the oil for 30 minutes, no oil leakage phenomenon.

Clamping and relaxation time is less than 3 seconds.

The action sequence of the fixture meets the design requirements.


Machining center:  DMG MORI 650

Fixture weight:  520KG

Model number L*W*H (mm) Weight (kg) Accuracy (mm) Material Power source Heat treatment Application
NPGJ0015 Customized 520 0.005-0.01 Steel/ Aviation aluminum Hydraulic source Blacking


machining center

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Features and advantages:
1. Faster cycle times. Better process control. Tighter manufacturing tolerances. Reduced scrap rate. All of these goals have a foundation built on solid workholding principles. Custom hydraulic fixturing is the foundation you need to build a word class machining process.
2. We guarantee innovative workholding design to solve your manufacturing challenges. Our engineers tailor the design to your needs, and value your input. Through a series of online or in person project reviews, you can literally watch your design take shape.
3. Our machinists are armed with the tools they need to produce every fixturing component in-house.
    Completely CNC Machine Shop
    Latest in design Software
    Horizontal machining centers, vertical machining centers, CNC lathes, drilling, grinding machine
    Rigorous Quality Control & Job Tracking
4. Assembly technicians make sure that every fixture is suited to the customers needs before it leaves. After assembly, every fixture is precision qualified via CMM. Hydraulic fixtures are cycled and pressure tested prior to shipping. Our system of design by sub-assembly allows our technicians to build and prove-out critical function components before final assembly.