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The work of the fixture


   (1) the installation and adjustment of the fixture p […]

   (1) the installation and adjustment of the fixture positioning the fixture in the EDM table on the middle of the table, with a dial indicator to correct the vertical plane of the base plate and the machine's X-axis, Y-axis parallel and vertical, and the fixture will be fastened On the table.

   (2) the workpiece into the three-jaw chuck (the use of anti-claw) to clamp the workpiece, so that the end of the workpiece close to the side of the chuck.

   (3) before processing, the first need to use the machine on the automatic centering function in the positioning, so that the molybdenum wire is located in the center of the workpiece, you can press the program for cutting. When the first piece of finished processing, lock the machine X-axis, Y-axis coordinates, no longer need to be able to continue processing.
   (4) according to the ring of the processing technology, taking into account the workpiece processing of the length of the groove, the shape is inconsistent, the flange of the work there are two ways: First, one by one processing method is finished every line, Need to follow the direction of the positioning of the hole in order to gradually step to the processing, this method every time after finishing a line, you need to change the processing procedures to continue processing. Second, the step-by-step processing method is that when the first cut off the line, the flange in order of direction to more than a positioning hole (that is, turn twice) can be processed by the same process until the program finished. When the second procedure is to be completed after the completion of the first procedure, the second procedure can be continued with the same jump.