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The fixture is classified according to the degree of specialization


1) universal fixture General fixture is a fixture that […]

1) universal fixture
General fixture is a fixture that has been standardized and can be used to process different workpieces within a certain range. For example, the lathe on the three-jaw chuck and four-jaw single-action chuck, milling machine on the flat-nose pliers, sub-head and rotary table and so on. This type of fixture is generally produced by a professional factory, often as a machine tool accessories available to the user. Its characteristics are wide adaptability, low production efficiency, mainly for single, small batch production. The same time as
2) special fixture
Special fixture is a fixture specially designed for a process of a workpiece. It is characterized by compact structure, quick operation, convenient, labor-saving, can guarantee high processing accuracy and production efficiency, but the design and manufacturing cycle is longer, manufacturing costs are higher. When the product changes, the fixture will be scrapped because it can no longer be used. Applicable only to products that are fixed and larger in mass production. The same time as
3) Universal adjustable fixture and group fixture
Which is characterized by part of the fixture components can be replaced, some devices can be adjusted to meet the processing of different parts. The fixtures used for grouping of similar parts are called group fixtures. General adjustable jig compared with the group fixture, the processing object is not very clear, a wider range of applications. The same time as
4) Combination fixture
Combination fixture refers to the parts by the processing requirements, by a set of pre-manufactured standard components and components assembled from the fixture. Manufactured by professional manufacturers, which is characterized by flexible, versatile, short manufacturing cycle, components can be used repeatedly, especially for the trial production of new products and single pieces of small batch production. The same time as
5) Accompanied fixture
The accompanying fixture is a fixture used on an automatic line. The fixture should not only play the role of clamping the workpiece, but also with the workpiece as a whole along the automatic line from a station to the next station, the processing of different processes.