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The development direction of modern machine tool fixture


Modern machine tool fixture development direction mainl […]

Modern machine tool fixture development direction mainly for the standardization, precision, high efficiency and flexibility of four aspects.
(1) standardization of machine tool fixture standardization and universalization are two aspects of China's existing fixture parts and components of the national standard: GB / T2148 ~ T2259-91 and various types of general fixture, the combination of fixture standards. Of the standardization, is conducive to the commercialization of fixture, is conducive to shorten the production preparation cycle, reduce the total cost of production.
(2) precision of the precision of mechanical products is increasing, is bound to improve the accuracy of the fixture requirements. There are many types of precision fixtures, such as multi-tooth discs for precision indexing, with an indexing accuracy of ± 0.1 "; high-precision three-jaw self-centering chuck for precision turning with a centering accuracy of 5μm of.
(3) the use of highly efficient and efficient fixture to reduce the basic processing time and auxiliary time to improve labor productivity and reduce the labor intensity of workers. The common high-efficiency fixture is equipped with automatic fixture, high-speed fixture and fixture with clamping force. You can go to our Fiber Optic Splice Closure site to konw more details.

For example, the use of electric vise on the milling machine to clamp the workpiece, the efficiency can be increased by about 5 times; The chuck can ensure that the jaws are firmly clamped to the workpiece under conditions of a test speed of 9000r / min, resulting in a significant increase in cutting speed. In addition to the efficient, automated fixture in the production line, In the CNC machine tools, especially in the processing center appeared on a variety of automatic fixture fixture and automatic replacement fixture device, give full play to the efficiency of CNC machine tools.
(4) Flexible machine tool fixture flexibility and flexibility of the machine is similar, it refers to the machine fixture through the adjustment, combination, etc., to adapt to the process of variable factors. The variability of the process mainly includes: the characteristics of the process, the production batch, the shape and size of the workpiece with the characteristics of the new type of fixture are:. Combined fixture, universal adjustable fixture, group fixture, modular fixture, CNC fixture, etc. To meet the needs of modern machinery industry, multi-species, small and medium-sized production needs to expand the degree of flexibility of the fixture to change the special fixture can not be demolished Structure, the development of adjustable fixture structure, will be the main direction of the current fixture development.http://www.sufoorworkholding.com/