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The advantages of automatic hydraulic fixture


   Automatic hydraulic fixture in the industrial applic […]

   Automatic hydraulic fixture in the industrial application more and more widely, it is because it has better than other types of advantages.
   Automatic hydraulic fixture to ensure the accuracy of processing, the use of hydraulic fixture installation and positioning, you can quickly and accurately determine the workpiece and machine tools, the mutual position between the tool, the workpiece position accuracy by the fixture to ensure that the technical level of workers without the impact of its processing accuracy High and stable.
   It can improve productivity and reduce costs. The workpiece is quickly positioned and clamped by the hydraulic clamp, which eliminates the need for quick machining of the workpiece (the time of loading and unloading the workpiece); the clamping of the workpiece with the hydraulic clamp improves the rigidity of the workpiece, Cutting capacity; can use multiple pieces, multi-station fixture clamping parts, and the use of efficient clamping mechanism, these factors are conducive to improving labor productivity and safety. In addition, the use of fixture, the product quality is stable, the rate of decline, excluding batches. Can be arranged lower technical level of workers, effectively reducing the cost of production.
   Automatic hydraulic fixture to expand the scope of the machine tool, the use of special hydraulic fixture can change the use of the original machine and expand the scope of use of the machine to achieve a machine can be more. For example, in the lathe or radial drilling machine installed boring die fixture, you can boring the box hole system; through a special fixture can also be used to pull the lathe to use, in order to give full play to the role of general machine tools in the processing The center effectively extends the number of machined parts effectively within the range.
   In addition, it also reduces the labor intensity of workers. It is convenient, safe and fast to clamp the workpiece with a fixture. When the clamping device such as automatic hydraulic pressure is used, it is beneficial to reduce the labor intensity of the workers.