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Ten exquisite jigs in machining


Number one: chuck One hundred years old clamps are stil […]

Number one: chuck
One hundred years old clamps are still busy in the machine shop. Its classic degree is self-evident. There are more chucks in the workshop than in lathes. The lathe wouldn't work without a chuck.
Number two: T type worktable.
Don't look at him at ordinary times, if you find your machine tool doesn't have T type workbench, you will be at a loss.
Number three: T block, screw, press plate and nut combination
Without the T block, the screw, the press plate and the nut combination, it is difficult for you to load the machine tools (for milling machines, machining centers). If you don't believe it, try it.
Number four: EROWA fixture
It can guarantee the repeated positioning accuracy of +/-0.002mm. The electrode doesn't work; it doesn't work; the four axis machining doesn't work; it doesn't work; the five axis machining doesn't work.
Number five: vise
The platen pressed to consider vise / Michael clamping.
Number six: spindle and hilt
Spindle and hilt are the crystallization of human top intelligence and cutting-edge technology.
Number seven: magnetic platform.
Number eight: spring clip / cartridge.
How to use the tool specification range of less knife clamping to solve the problem? Here you can find the answer.
Number nine : automatic clamping fixture essence. In many clamps, the worker should be most likes the barometric clamp.
Number ten : dividing head.