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Selection and use of fixture for CNC machine tools


Selection and use of fixture for CNC machine tools The […]

Selection and use of fixture for CNC machine tools
The same machine, why the production efficiency is several times different? The conclusion is that the fixture used in CNC machine tools is not suitable, so that the production efficiency of CNC machine tools is greatly reduced. The following describes the CNC machine tool fixture reasonable choice and application.
It should be noted that here is the precision combination of flat-nose pliers is not the old machine plus vise, vintage machine plus a single function, low manufacturing accuracy, can not be used in groups, short life, not suitable for CNC machine tools, machining centers On use. Here the precision combination of flat-nose pliers is originated in Europe and the United States and other industrial developed countries, specifically for CNC machine tools, machining center features a series of new flat-nose pliers, such products with flexible clamping, high positioning accuracy, fast clamping , Can be used in groups and other characteristics, especially for CNC machine tools, machining centers.
Electric permanent magnet fixture
Electric permanent magnet fixture is a new type of fixture designed with new permanent magnet material such as NdFeB as the magnetic source and the principle of modern magnetic circuit. A large number of machining practice shows that the electric permanent magnet fixture can greatly improve the CNC machining, machining center integrated processing efficiency.
The clamping and loosening process of the permanent magnet fixture takes only about 1 second, thus greatly reducing the clamping time. The positioning and clamping elements of the conventional machine tool fixture occupy a larger space, and the electric permanent magnet fixture does not have these space Components, so compared with the conventional machine fixture, electric permanent magnet fixture clamping range is greater, which is conducive to make full use of CNC machine tool table and processing trip, is conducive to improving the overall processing efficiency of CNC machine tools. Electric suction fixture suction is generally 15 ~ 18Kgf / cm2, so be sure to ensure that the suction (clamping force) enough to resist the cutting force, under normal circumstances, the adsorption area should not be less than 30cm2, the clamping force of not less than 450Kgf.
2, should be large quantities of CNC machine tools fixture
Large batch processing cycle = processing waiting time + workpiece processing time + production preparation time "processing wait time" mainly includes the workpiece clamping and replacement tool time. The traditional manual machine fixture "workpiece clamping time" can reach 10 to 30% of the large batch processing cycle, so that "workpiece clamping" has become a key factor affecting the production efficiency, but also the machine fixture "tapping the potential" key object.
Therefore, high-volume processing should adopt fast positioning, fast clamping (release) of the special fixture, give priority to the following three types of machine fixture:
Hydraulic / pneumatic fixture
Hydraulic / pneumatic fixture is a hydraulic or pneumatic as a power source, through the hydraulic components or pneumatic components to achieve the positioning of the workpiece, support and compression of the special fixture. The hydraulic / pneumatic fixture can accurately and quickly determine the mutual position between the workpiece and the machine tool and the tool. The position accuracy of the workpiece is ensured by the fixture, the machining precision is high, the positioning and clamping process is rapid and the clamping and releasing of the workpiece are greatly saved Time; at the same time with a compact, multi-station clamping, high-speed heavy cutting can be achieved, and other advantages of automation and control.
Hydraulic / pneumatic fixture of the above advantages, making it particularly suitable for CNC machine tools, machining centers, flexible production line use, especially for large quantities of processing.
Electric permanent magnet fixture
Electric permanent magnet fixture with a fast clamping, easy to achieve multi-station clamping, a clamping can be multi-faceted, clamping smooth and reliable, energy saving, can achieve the advantages of automation and control. Compared with the conventional machine tool fixture, the permanent magnet fixture can greatly shorten the clamping time, reduce the number of clamping, improve the clamping efficiency, so not only for small batch production, but also for mass production.
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