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NC machine tool fixture for large batch machining


A large number of processing cycles = processing time + […]

A large number of processing cycles = processing time + workpiece processing time + production preparation time and processing waiting time mainly include the time of workpiece clamping and tool change. The traditional manual fixture workpiece clamping time can reach large batch processing cycle of 10 to 30%, this "clamping" has become a key factor affecting the production efficiency, but also the fixture "tapping" focus.
Hydraulic / pneumatic clamp is the hydraulic or pneumatic as the power source, through hydraulic components or pneumatic components to achieve the positioning of the workpiece, support and compression of the special fixture. Hydraulic / pneumatic fixture can rapidly and accurately determine the relative position between the workpiece and the machine tool, the position accuracy of the workpiece from the fixture to ensure, high machining accuracy; positioning and clamping process rapidly, greatly saves the time of clamping and releasing the workpiece; at the same time has a compact structure, multi fixture, high speed heavy cutting, the advantages of automation control etc..
The advantages of the hydraulic / pneumatic fixture make it particularly suitable for CNC machine tools, machining centers and flexible production lines, especially suitable for mass processing.
Electric permanent magnet clamp
The permanent magnet clamp has the advantages of quick clamping, easy realization, multi station clamping, single clamping, multiple processing, stable clamping, energy saving, environmental protection and automatic control. Compared with the conventional machine tool fixture, the electric permanent magnet clamp can greatly shorten the clamping time, reduce the clamping times and improve the clamping efficiency, so that the utility model is not only suitable for small batch production, but also suitable for mass production.http://www.sufoorworkholding.com/