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Machine tool fixture role


Machine tool fixture in the industry's high degree of a […]

Machine tool fixture in the industry's high degree of attention, many people are not very understanding of this area.In order to enrich everyone's knowledge, understanding of the role of machine tool fixture in different aspects, I hope more people to know.
(1) to ensure machining accuracy
The use of fixture installation, you can accurately determine the workpiece and the machine, the mutual position between the tool, the workpiece position accuracy guaranteed by the fixture, without the impact of the technical level of workers, the processing of high precision and stability.
(2) Increase productivity and reduce costs
Clamping workpieces with clamps enables rapid positioning and clamping of the workpieces without requiring any corrective work, which significantly reduces the number of auxiliary man-hours; Clamping workpieces with clamps increases the rigidity of the workpieces and therefore increases the amount of cutting; Multi-piece, Multi-station fixture clamping workpiece, and the use of efficient clamping mechanism, these factors are conducive to improving labor productivity. In addition, the use of fixtures, the product quality is stable, the decline in the rate of waste can be arranged with lower technical level workers, significantly reducing production costs.
(3) to expand the scope of the machine tool
The use of special fixtures can change the use of the original machine and expand the use of machine tools to achieve a multi-functional machine. For example, after a boring jig is installed on a lathe or a radial drilling machine, the bores of the box can be boring, and the lathe can be changed to a broaching machine by using a special jig to give full play to the function of a universal machine.
(4) reduce the labor intensity of workers.Clamping workpieces with a clamp is convenient and fast. When pneumatic or hydraulic clamps are used, the labor intensity of a worker can be reduced.