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Introduction to the role of machine tool fixtures


The device for clamping workpieces on a machine tool is […]

The device for clamping workpieces on a machine tool is called a machine tool fixture. Its main function is shown in the following aspects.


1. Shorten the assistance time and increase labor productivity

The use of the fixture generally includes two processes: one is the installation and adjustment of the fixture itself on the machine tool. This process mainly depends on the orientation key of the fixture itself, the rapid implementation of the tool block, or through methods such as alignment and test cutting. This is achieved, but at a slightly slower speed; the second is the installation of the machined workpiece in the fixture. This process can be implemented quickly thanks to the use of special positioning devices (eg V-blocks, etc.).

2. Ensure and stabilize I accuracy and ensure product quality

In the machining process, the relative positions of the workpiece and the tool are easily ensured and are not affected by various subjective factors, so the machining accuracy of the workpiece is stable and reliable.

3. Reduce the technical requirements for workers and the labor intensity of workers

Because most clamping devices of special fixtures only require the operator to operate buttons and handles to achieve clamping of workpieces, this greatly reduces the time and difficulty for workers to align and adjust workpieces, or does not require correction and adjustment at all. Therefore, the use of these special fixtures reduces the technical requirements for workers and reduces the labor intensity of workers.

4. The machining scope of the machine tool has been expanded

Many special fixtures not only can hold a certain kind or a kind of work, but also can hold different kinds of workpieces, and some fixtures can also be used on different types of machine tools, which all extend the processing range of the machine tool.

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