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Hydraulic fixture and use


   In a fixed clip body, the use of mechanical clamping […]

   In a fixed clip body, the use of mechanical clamping positioning, clamping the workpiece, the cutting process, after processing, release the mechanical clamping positioning block, remove the workpiece has been completed and then replace the workpiece to clamp, Reciprocity This is usually a step that takes time.
   In order to achieve high production efficiency, the workpiece positioning, support, clamping and fixture fast release clamping, and easy to operate, safety is a very important part. For the processing of a larger workpiece, and the process interval is short, the choice of semi-automatic or fully automated hydraulic fixture is very economic value. Hydraulic positioning and clamping is a very reliable and effective technology.
   At present, the rapid development of China's automobile manufacturing industry, the previous automobile manufacturing industry generally use rigid machine processing engine cylinder, cylinder head, connecting rod, crankshaft, camshaft and other key components, resulting in a longer car engine modification cycle. As the demand for parts and components changes and improvements is increasing, processing equipment and processes are also changing in a flexible direction. The flexible concept and requirements of processing equipment are mainly reflected in the demand for equipment fastness and adaptability, so manufacturers have to seek the best combination of flexibility and yield.
   Of course, in the flexible conditions, but also have different solutions, such as: modular, convertible, reconfigurable, online compatibility and so on. Regardless of the option, the use of high-performance hydraulic fixtures is particularly important, and now, flexible machines, reconfigurable machine tools and special processing center combination of applications, making the engine parts processing becomes more flexible, the specific circumstances Depending on the production quota for each processing item.