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How to design fixtures for machine tools


Different fixtures used by the fixture can be divided into manual, pneumatic, hydraulic,,electric, magnetic etc.

The process in mechanical design involves the benefits of product cost, the qualification rate of the finished product, the quality of the product, and the size of the product output. The continuous progress and continuous development of society cannot be separated from the renewal and progress of the manufacturing industry. Machinery manufacturing plays a leading role in the modern industrialized society because the products of the manufacturing industry can not only provide people with direct use in life, but also can provide the necessary equipment in the production of other industries, and can be seen in the society. All kinds of machinery or products made by machinery. Because the fixture system itself is to ensure that the product can have better quality, but also increase production efficiency, reduce the labor time of the working people, the fixture also has a certain orientation between the workpiece and the machine, and can be made in the processing This position does not change. This article presents some ideas for how to design hydraulic fixtures for machine tools.

First, the fixture overview

The fixture is a kind of process equipment for clamping the workpiece, which is widely used in the machining process, heat treatment, assembly, welding and measurement of the mechanical manufacturing process.

1, The role of machine tool fixture

It is to allow the workpiece to be positioned and to match and contact the positioning surface of the workpiece and the positioning surface between the fixture elements, so that the position of the workpiece in the entire fixture is always accurate and accurate. On the other hand, the surface size and shape of the workpiece can also be maintained. There is accuracy in its position to meet the requirements. After clamping with the work piece position, the clamping force acts on the work piece to make it securely fixed, so that the position of the work piece can be always changed.

(1) Stable assurance of workpiece machining accuracy

(2) Shorten the time of its role and increase labor productivity

(3) Increase the range of the machine tool and realize a variety of machine functions

2, The classification of machine tool fixture

Mechanical product fixtures are usually classified into a specialized level, an applied machine tool, and a clamped power source.

(1) Classified by degree of specialization

Fixtures can be divided into: general, special, adjustable, combination, automatic line and other types of fixtures.

(2) Classification by machine used

Different fixtures can be divided into lathes, milling machines, drill presses, boring machines, grinding machines, and gears.

(3) Classification by clamping power source

Different fixtures used by the fixture can be divided into manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, gas-liquid, electric, magnetic, vacuum, and other different fixtures.