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How to Correctly Operate Swing clamp


Swing clamp are the right choice, where the loading of […]

Swing clamp are the right choice, where the loading of parts is hindered by other types of fixtures. Swing clamps can be easily entered into the loading / unloading area. They may be easily visualized by the tool designer, and the action simulates the manual clip.

When there is no fixed stop or hard locator, the swing clamp should not be used when the swing clamp is transferred to it. If the swing clamp is positioned in the vertical direction, then our swing clamp should be converted into a fixed stop that can easily absorb energy. If the force is transmitted to the swing fixture of 90 ° to the clamping action, all forces will be transferred to the rotating mechanism. This can lead to premature wear and early failure.

Parts are clamped on the fixture, and the clamping release is done in both manual and automatic versions. Manual clamping of the fixture due to operational inconvenience, has been used less and less. Automatic clamping is usually done by pneumatic clamping, for the rotation of the fixture (cylinder), the clamping, release each have an air inlet, in accordance with the conventional design concept, each fixture need to air ring device (two Road swivel). If the rotary table has six stations, the stationary table is to be fed into the rotary table at the same time. Twelve air intakes are to be entered at the same time. That is, a complex air distribution unit is to be provided between the fixed table and the rotary table Called multi-way rotary joint). Gas ring structure is complex, the installation space is large, the cost is high. This article describes a simple and reliable multi-station self-rotating fixture control device on a rotary table.