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Gage design requirements


1. All gage parts must be drawn in three views and must […]

1. All gage parts must be drawn in three views and must be marked for completion of the work surface and / or bodywork and / or work
reference line.
2, All profiles shall be marked with the section number and page number corresponding to the drawing number of the gage design drawing.
3, Gage design must include the gage on the measured part contour (dotted line). The lines should be thick enough for ease of drawing
4, Check the list of raw materials should include the size of raw materials, all standard parts manufacturer name and catalog designations.
5, Unless in order to clarify the manufacturing requirements, seized parts drawings and assembly drawings should be separated.
6, All dimensions should be expressed in metric system.
7, If possible, check the raw materials (such as: angle frame, stacking blocks, hinges, guides, screws and keys, etc.) should be used as much as possible
Can be purchased to the standard parts.
8, Gage design using computer-aided design.
9, Gage design drawings do not need to indicate the conventional manufacturing notes. (Such as: cable connector, screw or key size, etc.)
10, Gage design drawings is not necessary to repeat the symmetry or symmetry, as far as practicable, as long as the distinctive, unilateral details can be, and add "except for the part of the central axis of symmetry," the note .http://www.sufoorworkholding.com/