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Fixture structure process


1. The basic requirements for the good craftsmanship of […]

1. The basic requirements for the good craftsmanship of the fixture
A. The composition of the overall fixture structure, should try to use a variety of standard parts and common parts, the proportion of manufacturing special parts should be as little as possible to reduce the amount of labor and reduce costs.
B. A variety of special parts and components of the structure should be easy to manufacture and measurement, assembly and commissioning convenience.
C. Easy maintenance and repair of fixtures.
2. Reasonable choice of assembly benchmarks
A. The assembly base shall be a separate reference surface or line on the clamp, and the other elements shall be adjusted and repaired only for this surface or line.
B. Once the assembly base is finished, its position and size should not be changed. So that the surface or line that has to be adjusted or repaired at the position and size of the assembly itself can not be used as an assembly basis.
C. Adjustability of the structure
Often used to rely on the bolt fastening, pin position, adjust and install the fixture, the size of a component can be more convenient grinding. You can also use the adjustment between the components and components to adjust the washer, adjust the gasket or adjust the sleeve to control the assembly size, compensation for other components of the error, improve fixture accuracy.
D. Maintenance process
The fixture design should take into account the convenience of maintenance.http://www.sufoorworkholding.com/