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Fixture operation steps


   (1) the engine liner two pieces in accordance with t […]

   (1) the engine liner two pieces in accordance with the "bar welding combination" diagram fitted to the pole, and placed on the clip body, by the stopper, baffle will be a pre-positioning rod, by the screw clamp Clamping sequence 1 brace; at the same time by the pin will be ordered 4 engine liner two pieces of positioning, by the fast withdrawal screw clamping device to clamp;
   (2) point after welding, release the quick release screw clamping device, pull out the bolt, remove the welding;
   (3) Place the weldment on the clamp body, position the weldment by the stopper, the baffle, and clamp the weldment by the screw clamp; then place the nut M6 and the components of the horn support on top of the weld Positioning by a helical clamping mechanism by means of a tapered pin on a screw clamping mechanism and an open recess on a platen of a screw clamping mechanism;
   (4) the nut M6 and the speaker support components and brackets on three sides welding, and then release all the screw clamp, clamping nut M6 and the speaker support components of the screw clamping mechanism of the pressure plate is spring bounce, The positioning cone pins are then removed from the weldment, and then the press plate is pushed out so that one end is disengaged from the screw clamping mechanism stud, the press plate is rotated to the side of the weldment, and the weldment is removed.