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Fixture need care


For the use of quick jigs, there are a set of ways to l […]

For the use of quick jigs, there are a set of ways to learn how to use them Here are some of the benefits he uses and how to maintain them.
Method for maintaining cross clamp:
1, after use need to paint Antirust oil to prevent rust, so that can also prolong the service life of the cross clamp.
2. Check the limit size before use. Do you still keep the correct position of the cross clamps? If not, adjust to the correct position.
3, if the stop pin wear out of range, can be polished to repair; if the baffle plate, bolt, pin positioning cone wear serious and exceed the allowable error range, can be re assembled, staggered wear parts before use, to prevent error.
Benefits of using fixtures:
1. the use of fixtures can ensure and stabilize the machining accuracy and ensure the quality of the workpiece being machined. In the process of machining, the correct use of the fixture ensures that the relative position of the workpiece and the tool is correctly fixed, and is not affected by various subjective factors, so that the processing accuracy of the workpiece being processed is stable.    Here to share an article for you, "the concept of tooling and its application area".

2. fixtures in the use process can shorten the auxiliary time, improve labor productivity. The use of fixture generally consists of two processes: one is the fixture itself in the machine installation and adjustment, this process is mainly dependent on the directional keys, knife block fixture itself to realize, or by looking for, try cutting and other methods to achieve, but slightly slower; the second is the installation process in the fixture is the work piece, this process due to limited production of  fixture manufacturing fixture using special positioning device, so you can quickly achieve.http://www.sufoorworkholding.com