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Fixture function


1, can be stable to ensure the accuracy of the workpiec […]

1, can be stable to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece processing
When the workpiece is clamped with a fixture, the accuracy of the workpiece relative to the position of the tool and the machine is ensured by the fixture and is not affected by the technical level of the worker, so that the machining precision of a batch of workpieces tends to be consistent. The same time as
2, can reduce the auxiliary working hours, improve labor productivity
The use of fixture fixture easy and fast, the workpiece does not need to cross the line to find, can significantly reduce the auxiliary working hours; workpiece in the fixture after clamping to improve the rigidity of the workpiece can increase the amount of cutting; Fixture clamping parts, and the use of efficient clamping mechanism to further improve labor productivity.
3, can expand the scope of the use of machine tools to achieve a machine can be more
According to the forming machine tool forming movement, with different types of fixtures, you can expand the original machine tool range. For example, in the lathe slide board or radial drilling machine table installed on the boring die, you can carry out the boring box parts processing.