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Fixture design


A fixture is a device used in the machine manufacturing […]

A fixture is a device used in the machine manufacturing process to hold the object so that it occupies the correct position to receive the construction or inspection. Also known as fixtures. In a broad sense, any process in the process, used to quickly, easily and securely install the workpiece device, can be called fixture. Such as welding fixture, inspection fixture, assembly fixture, machine fixture and so on. Which machine tool fixture is more common, often referred to as fixture. When machining the workpiece on the machine tool, in order to make the surface of the workpiece can meet the size of the drawings, geometric shapes and the accuracy of the location with other surfaces and other technical requirements, the workpiece must be installed before the workpiece (positioning), clamp (clamping) The The fixture is usually set by the positioning element (to determine the correct position of the workpiece in the fixture), the clamping device, the knife guide element (to determine the relative position of the tool and the workpiece or guide the direction of the tool), indexing device (so that the workpiece in a single installation Complete the processing of several stations, there are rotary indexing device and linear moving indexing device two types), connecting elements and fixture (fixture base) and other components.http://www.sufoorworkholding.com/