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Fixture design work experience


   1, Fixture design to be based on the size of the bul […]

   1, Fixture design to be based on the size of the bulk needs. For example: the small pieces of the box pieces of small batches of drilling, free clamping; in the batch with the mold with the tooling processing; high-volume design plane, permanent fixture; large batch design plane line, consider the positioning of the benchmark, Consistency: perennial production of large quantities of design and processing of automatic lines, in addition to considering the positioning of the benchmark uniformity, the consistency of the fixture. But also to consider, with the design of the fixture, the workpiece conveyor chain design, the design of the robot, automatic measurement design, automatic fill still design.
2, Designed to meet the needs of machine tool force. Such as milling machines to know what is smooth milling, what is the reverse milling and their force.
3, To meet the needs of six degrees of freedom.
4, To reduce the need for workpiece variants.
5, To adapt to the needs of the workpiece shape changes.
6, To consider in the processing of cutting forces cancel each other, to reduce the weight of the tooling and clamping force.
7, Tooling design to be humane.
8, Work design to consider the workers' processing habits.
9, Tooling design parts to be as uniform as possible, easy to tooling manufacturing and maintenance.