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Fixture design recommendations


Most of the welding tooling is specially designed for t […]

Most of the welding tooling is specially designed for the welding process of a welding assembly. It is a non-standard device and often needs to be designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of the product organization, the production conditions and the actual needs. Welding tooling design is one of the important contents of production preparation work, but also welding production process design one of the main tasks. For cars, motorcycles and aircraft and other manufacturing, it is no exaggeration to say that there is no welding tooling products. Through the process design, the required tooling type, structural sketch and brief description, on this basis to complete the detailed structure and part design and all the drawings. The quality of tooling design has a direct impact on production efficiency, processing cost, product quality and production safety. To this end, it is necessary to consider practicality, economy, reliability and artistry when designing welding tooling. In the mechanical design and manufacturing process, the prevalence of dimensional chain problems. In the process of assembling parts into machines, that is, the size of the parts is combined and accumulated. As the size of the parts there are manufacturing errors, so the assembly will also have the error of integration and accumulation. The total error formed after accumulation will affect the machine's performance and quality. This creates a relationship between the dimensional error of the part and the combined error. Design fixture is no exception. It is important to reasonably determine the dimensional tolerances and geometric tolerances of the parts. Through this course design, not only enhanced the professional knowledge of the welding process equipment systematization, but also the professional knowledge, design ability and practical ability of the organic combination. A deeper harvest should reinforce and broaden the idea of designing fixture and exercise on the principles and flexibility of the design.