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Fixture design from Hangzhou sufoor


Fixture design is generally of a single structure, givi […]

Fixture design is generally of a single structure, giving a sensory structure is not very complicated, especially hydraulic clamps are popular nowadays, so that the original mechanical structure is greatly simplified, but if the design process is not considered in detail will inevitably appear unnecessary trouble. Today we will give you some fixture design experience.

1. Ignored the blank allowance of the workpiece. When designing according to standard machine and drawing layout clip

With support and clamping points, the blanks are oversized and interfere. So be sure to prepare a rough plan before designing. Allow enough space.

2. Ignore the chip's unblocked flow. Due to the limited space of the machine tool in the design, the fixture is often designed with a relatively compact space. At this time, the iron chips generated in the machining process are often neglected at the dead ends of the fixture, including the poor flow of the chip liquid, and then Processing brings a lot of trouble. Therefore, at the beginning of the actual process, we should consider the problems in the processing process, after all, the fixture is to improve efficiency, convenient operation-oriented.

3. Ignore the overall openness of the fixture. Ignore openness, causing difficulties for operators to install cards, time-consuming and laborious, and design taboos.

4. Ignore the basic principles of fixture design. Each fixture has to undergo numerous clamps and loosen the action, so it may be possible to meet the user's requirements at the beginning, but the addition should have its accuracy maintained, so don't design something that has a flawless principle. Even if you are lucky enough to be able to do so, there will not be long-term sustainability. A good design should be tempered by time.

5. Ignore the cleanliness of the oil circuit. The contamination of the fixture's oil circuit and the contamination of the pressure oil will quickly damage the hydraulic components and cause malfunction. The consequences can be serious.

6. Ignore the replaceability of positioning elements. The positioning elements are worn out, so replacement should be considered quick and easy. It is best not to design larger parts.