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Fixture correction method


After a long period of use, the tools of the stacking m […]

After a long period of use, the tools of the stacking makes the fixture uneven, nail angle wear, then how should we deal with it? When the positioning fixture with a certain degree of time will appear a slight deviation, then it will affect the accuracy of fixtures, when this happens when we how to calibrate it?
Fixture calibration method:
1, the first positioning fixture four nail angle on the marble platform, after a manual way to detect the fixture is uneven.
2, when the fixture is uneven finger tapping fixture will appear crisp sound, indicating that the fixture is not necessary to be calibrated, such as no sound that fixture flat no problem.
3, if there is uneven grinding calibration, Chiang grinding mill on the grinding platform, and then four nail angle by eight-shaped grinding until the formation of the date.
4, when grinding to marble check normal, this is what we need to check the specification data tolerance.
5, the fixture on the marble platform, with a height meter to check whether the fixture data within the tolerance range.
6, how can be used in the range, if the range can not be used, choose to change the nail angle.