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Drilling fixture type


    Drilling fixture types are very rich, different typ […]

    Drilling fixture types are very rich, different types of machines have different characteristics.
Drilling fixture for drilling holes and thread, mainly by the drilling sleeve, drilling template, positioning and clamping device composed of the body. The main types are the following:
(1) fixed drilling mold: in use, this type of drilling machine in the fixed position on the machine, and the processing of high precision, mainly for vertical drilling on the processing of larger diameter single hole or radial drilling machine processing Parallel hole system.
(2) rotary drilling mold: This type of drilling on the indexing device, so you can work in the workpiece on the axis of the distribution of a number of axial or radial hole distribution.
(3) flip-type mold: mainly used for processing small parts on different surfaces of the hole, the aperture is less than f8 ~ f10mm, it can reduce the number of installed to improve the accuracy of the hole was machined. Its structure is relatively simple, the general processing of manual drilling to flip, so the fixture and the workpiece should be less than 10kg is appropriate.
(4) Cover plate type drilling mold: This kind of drilling mold does not have the clamping body, its positioning element and the clamping device are directly installed on the drilling mold plate. The drill plate is clamped on the workpiece and is suitable for small holes in large and bulky workpieces. Jig, simple and light structure, easy to remove chips, but each clamp must be detachable from the work, more time-consuming, therefore the quality of the jig is generally not more than 10kg.
(5) Sliding pillar mold: Slide type drill mold is a universal adjustable fixture with lifting and drilling mold, which has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, rapid operation and short manufacturing cycle. wide.