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Draw the general drawing of fixture


   Fixture map should follow the national mapping stand […]

   Fixture map should follow the national mapping standards to draw, the total map in addition to special circumstances, the general press 1: 1 to draw to ensure good intuitive. The main view should take the position of the actual work of the operator as a basis for the assembly of the fixture and for reference. The view in the master diagram should be as small as possible, but it must be able to clearly show the working principle and overall structure of the fixture, showing the relationship between the various devices and components. The order in which the general graph is drawn is generally available:
   (1) Draw the outline of the workpiece with a two-dot chain line and show the machining allowance.
   (2) The workpiece contour as a "transparent body", in accordance with the workpiece switch and position in order to draw positioning, orientation, clamping and other components or devices.
   (3) Draw the clamp body, forming a fixture as a whole.
   (4) To determine and mark the relevant size and fixture technical requirements. Such as marking the contour size, assembly, inspection size and tolerance, the main components, the device between the location accuracy requirements.
   (5) The total figure marked fixture name, part number, fill the fixture parts list and title bar.