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Classification of furniture usage characteristics


Fixture: a device in a machine manufacturing process th […]

Fixture: a device in a machine manufacturing process that is used to fix a machining object and hold it in the right place for acceptance of construction or inspection. For the classification of fixture, do you understand? The type of fixture can be classified according to its characteristics:
Special fixture. For some product parts in a process of clamping needs and specialized design and manufacture, the service object is specific, highly targeted, usually by the product manufacturer design. The common lathe jig, milling fixture, jig (tool fixture in the workpiece or tool guide drilling reaming boring mode (use), guided boring bar fixture in the workpiece boring use) and the accompanying fixtures (mobile fixture modular machine tool automatic line).
Universal universal fixture. Such as machine vise, chuck, chuck, dividing head and rotary table, a lot of generality, can better adapt to the machining process and machining object transform, its structure has been finalized, the size and specifications have been serialized, most of which have become a standard machine tool accessories.
Adjustable clamp. Special clamp capable of replacing or adjusting component.
Modular fixture. A fixture consisting of standardized components of different shapes, specifications, and uses. It is suitable for trial production of new products and replacement of products, single and small batch production as well as temporary tasks.
In addition to the vise, chuck, indexing head and rotary table, there is a more commonly known as the handle, generally speaking, when the word "tool fixture" appears at the same time, most of the fixture refers to the hilt.http://www.sufoorworkholding.com/