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Advantages of tooling automation fixture


   Automated fixtures are often used in industrial area […]

   Automated fixtures are often used in industrial areas such as automotive parts manufacturing, hydraulic valves, aerospace components, and mechanical parts. On its merits, we can simply introduce you as follows:
First, the tooling automation hydraulic fixture to solve the factory needs of the high requirements of the processing tasks.
Second, the tooling fixture is a high-precision fixture, with the best circular beating accuracy and the ability to control the accuracy of the end of the beat, and in the processing of cutting with the required high torque.
Third, the same in operation, the tooling fixture than other types of fixtures more simple and convenient, and become more wear and more resistant to dirt;
Fourth, reduce the cost of equipment costs (to improve processing efficiency, more flexibility, while saving high labor costs);
Five, simple operating performance, and very low acquisition costs.
In addition, I believe we all should know that metal cutting has three major elements, namely, machine tools, knives and fixtures. However, in these three elements, the fixture not only assumes the task of mechanically clamping the workpiece or tool; more importantly, the fixture is often able to play an extremely important role in effectively improving the processing quality and processing efficiency.