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About machine tool classification introduced


Fixture classification knowledge in the online system i […]

Fixture classification knowledge in the online system introduction is that everyone is concerned about the information, in order to allow more people to get the desired information, this article will be a systematic introduction, a more detailed description of machine tool fixture classification.
1) Universal fixture
Universal fixture refers to the standardization, within a certain range can be used for processing different parts of the fixture. For example, lathe three-jaw chuck and four-jaw single-action chuck, milling machine jaws, indexing head and rotary table. Such fixture is generally produced by a professional factory, often provided as a machine tool attachment to the user. It is characterized by wide adaptability, low production efficiency, mainly for single, small batch production.
2) Special fixture
Special fixture refers to a specific part of a work process and specially designed fixture. Its characteristics are compact structure, rapid operation, convenient, labor-saving, can ensure high processing accuracy and production efficiency, but the longer design and manufacturing cycles, manufacturing costs are higher. When the product is changed, the fixture will be scrapped because it can not be used anymore. Only for fixed products and large quantities of production.
3) Universal adjustable fixture and group fixture
Its characteristics are part of the fixture can be replaced, some devices can be adjusted to adapt to different parts of the processing. Jigs used for group processing of similar parts are called group jigs. Universal adjustable fixture compared with the group of fixtures, the processing object is not very clear, the scope of application is broader.
4) Combination fixtures
Combination fixture refers to the processing requirements of parts, from a set of standard components and parts made in advance assembled from the fixture. Manufactured by a professional manufacturer, which is characterized by flexibility, versatility, short manufacturing cycle, the components can be used repeatedly, especially for new product trial and a single small batch production.
5) Accompanying fixture
Accompanying fixture is a type of fixture that is used on an automated line. The fixture not only has to play the role of clamping the workpiece, but also with the workpiece into one along the automatic line from a station to the next station for different processes.